Find Your Inside Advantage with Paul Tobey

Paul Tobey

Find Your Inside Advantage

Wed. June 7th @ 7:00 PM

Come early for networking starting at 6:30pm!

The Robert Gill Theatre
214 College Street, 3rd Floor
(use side door off St. George Street)
Toronto, ON (street view map)

Price: CAD 20.00 /per person

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Find Your Inside Advantage with Paul Tobey

Inside Advantage

If your company’s goal is to “scale up”, you’ll need to find a way to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. In this seminar, Paul Tobey will help participants determine their: WHO? A statement that describes your company’s high priority targets, & WHAT? What is your uncommon offering in the marketplace. In order to service those clients, deliver on your promises and create brand awareness, you will need to create a solid Vision for your company. Vision is made up of 3 essential components: Mission, Purpose & Core Values. Paul will help you learn the meaning of each and the critical role they play in the hiring and firing of employees, subcontractors and clients.

For the past several years, speaker, author, business owner and thought leader Paul Tobey has shared the stage with some of the world’s best speakers and thought leadership gurus including: Gary Vee, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, Lisa Nichols, Sandra Yancey, Brian Klemmer, Rob Riopel, Jay Baer, Clate Mask and a host of others. A highly sought-after public speaker, Paul has appeared at several educational facilities and conferences around the world including Infusionsoft’s ICON, Financial Post , Carnegie Hall, Canadian Music Week Digital Marketing Conference, Royal Lepage Broker’s Conference, IAJE, Better Business Expo, SOHO and more. His insight has been requested by over 50 thousand companies throughout North America. He is author of 2 bestselling books, “Suggestology” and “Brain Dead Offer #1” both in their 4th printing. He also is host of “The Business Pros Radio Hour” on Talk Radio AM640 and is the CEO of Training Business Pros and Business Pros Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency.

Speaker Bio

Paul Tobey is an expert digital marketing trainer, best-selling author, thought leader, online marketer, engaging Speaker, Infusionsoft Award Winning Certified Partner and CEO of Training Business Pros, one of Canada’s leading digital marketing training and implementation companies. He has appeared on countless stages and interviews across North America.

But as much as he’s accomplished since launching Training Business Pros back in 2007, it took a devastating defeat from the music industry and several years of debt ridden hardship to cultivate a new more fruitful path. You see, for more than 20 years Paul Tobey was a professional jazz pianist. But while he had gained accolades the world over for his inventive style of performance, after touring 16 countries, releasing 8 albums and even being nominated for a Juno award, his recording contract with the American based label Arkadia records disintegrated in the aftermath of 9/11.

The sustained financial loss caused him to retreat to his hometown of Brantford Ontario where he began the formidable task of rebuilding a future for himself and his family. And what started out as a few well-chosen books by thought leaders such as Paulo Coelho, James Redfield and T. Harv Eker, led Paul to attend seminars, conferences and training sessions.

As his knowledge grew, so did his willingness to take risks. And one day, in an effort to truly know once-and-for-all his purpose and mission in life, he signed up to walk 900 kms across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago, a journey that taught him patience, perseverance, self-discipline and most of all accountability. Armed with the knowledge of a thousand years of human history, Paul returned to Canada and continued to invest in himself with business leaders such as; Brian Klemmer, Tony Robbins, Larry Gilman, Kevin Wilke and T Harv Eker.

After launching Training Business Pros in the fall of 2007, Paul quickly gained a reputation for being a formidable speaker and thought leader in the digital marketing space. Undeterred by the .dot com bust he invested huge time and what money he could scrape together in marketing sheet music, piano lessons and eventually online marketing strategies. Since then Paul has shared the stage with countless world-class speakers like: Gary Vaynerchuck, Brian Tracy, Sandra Yancey, Robert Riopel, Marshawn Evans, Lisa Nichols, Jay Baer, Mitch Joel and countless others.

He’s been featured and interviewed on CTV, CBC, 680 News, City TV, Japan Times, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Montreal Gazette to name just a few.

6:30 pm

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7:30 pm

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